The Bad Moon (English ver.) – Paroles

During this night that does not have an end
The white moonlight is too bright for my eyes
And it even turns into pain.
It’s like a curse that takes control over
My mind. I cannot breath.
This starrysky is too shiny.
Unleash my whole body

The world is twisted under Illusion
And the Moon is dreamin’ of hiding the sky at horizon
Its existence may only be proved by the untruth and the lie
And the end becomes hazy

Now I bring out eternity
In that place where gods never look for it
And I will take the night away
While I’m flying into the sky
The only thing I can hear there
Is the voice of lamentation that echoes far away

I chase the moon
This circle full of lies
That won’t stay full forever
Just until I find a way to reach its core
This trick falls off as light is shining bright
The only thing I can feel is madness within my soul
Welcome to this dark night

The truth doesn’t lie within radiance
Darkness is your shelter.
Embrace your black destiny
The merciful life will come to an end
And this incomplete Moon
Will light up our old memories

I can’t just put an end to this
Say farewell to the destiny,
I’m afraid. It wouldn’t brighten my smile again.

Anxiety dazes my purpose
I am prepared I raise my wings,
I take off and fly across the night aiming at the light.

I’m looking for an answer but in vain,
I crave for it but in the end I am Empty-handed
I wish for it
Incapable to fulfill the promise I made you at some times
I beg you please
Open the door
To this blazing future together

I paint in white this never-ending night
I will enter the fight and find back the key to access a mighty sight
Sorrowfully, the Moon leaves and bows out
Glorious, I will gaze to my solace,
The sky at night is the most misleading thing

Cette chanson fait partie de l’album クロノスは夢を見ない du groupe CREST.
Info CD :
Paroles : TBK (adaptation de la version japonaise)

Remerciements spéciaux :

  • DirtyEgg pour sa traduction du japonais vers l’anglais afin de permettre de faire cette adaptation dans les meilleures conditions possibles.
  • Gutsia pour son aide sur une partie de la rédaction des paroles.